Myleen Sagrado Sjödin, Director of Marketing & Communications

Myleen considers herself a “Swedepino” – that is, a Filipino who has a distinct love for Sweden and its culture! It all began when she fell in love with a Swede, left everything behind in the U.S., moved to Sweden, and learned the language. She continues her journey by blogging about her Swedish fetish on the Swede Life in Toronto blog and on her active Facebook page. She started this school because people just kept asking her where can one learn Svenska in Toronto. Using her fierce, entrepreneurial skills, she created NLI.


susanneSusanne van Rossem, Director of Operations

Susanne is a native Swede who came to Canada 30 years ago. With a keen interest in keeping the language and traditions going, especially with her two children, the opportunity to start Nordic language lessons was one that she did not want to miss! Susanne has a background in project management, and brings her organized and structured working habits to the company. She also works for the Swedish Consulate in Toronto, so she is greatly connected to the Swedish community here and those wanting to work, live or study in Sweden. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, running, yoga and gardening.



Please contact us at to sign up for more information about classes and registration.

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  1. Hei. Jeg er en kvinne fra Norge som har stor interesse å bosette meg i Canada. Ønsker en jobb hvor jeg kan bruke norsk språket. Hvordan er det med muligheter. Har dere noen stillinger som kan være interessante?


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