Meet the Teacher Event 2019!

On the fence? Well, here’s your chance to meet your Nordic teacher and find out why NLI is the place!

Here is your chance to meet all our Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish teachers of NLI on Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 6-8pm! We want you to get to know our teachers over coffee and ask any language or cultural questions you may have. They are eager to teach you the Nordic way and we know you’ll be impressed by their astute cultural understanding and language skills!

This is a FREE event and you get a $50 discount if you attend and sign up to one of our courses.

Just $450 per course for 12 classes, 2 hours a class, once a week starting mid-September to beginning of December at a central Toronto location near TTC

You MUST RSVP to save your spot by emailing us at
or RSVP at the following link or click RSVP below.

Wednesday, Aug. 28th between 6-8pm
CSI Spadina in the Bigger Bolder Room (on ground floor)
Phone 416.979.3939 ext. 1
192 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
(just north of Queen St. on Spadina)


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