Languages enrich your mind and culture feeds the soul

We think knowing about a Nordic language gives you deep insight into the life of a Swede, Norwegian, Finn, Dane or Icelander. Because the Scandinavians get the social aspect to make things work, there is a lot to learn from them!

Come join our affordable group lessons at a central, TTC-accessible Toronto location.

You have just 4 MORE DAYS to get an NLI discount!
Our early registration fee is $399 for twelve 2-hour classes, a discount of $51 off our regular fee.

Registration Costs Fall 2018

Twelve 2-hour classes held once per week
$399+HST by August 25 ($51 savings)
$425+HST between August 25 and September 5 ($25 savings)
$450+HST after September 5

Classes begin the week of September 10th.
Locations will be mailed out to registered students a few days before class.


Register for a Nordic language in Toronto

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