Revving up for Fall 2018 … Registration is NOW OPEN!

Nordic Languages Initiative is ready to begin the school year with force! We’re offering a full selection of culture and language courses representing every Nordic country this term – Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic Literature courses! We are happy to be in our fourth year of business and we will continue to endorse the Nordic initiative, our namesake, to Toronto this Fall 2018.

Norway’s take on the “World’s Best Cake”
Sweden’s immigrants and refugees. Photo by The Independent

With attention from countries around the world looking to the Scandinavian model and way of thinking, it is even more important to learn this perspective and expand your world.

Our courses and teachers go beyond language. Not only do we aim to teach you the background story of the Nordic folks and their traditions, but we want you to get a vivid picture of what’s going on in a Nordic country today. From the new generation and old to the immigrants and indigenous, our teachers hope to give you a deep understanding and rich learning experience that will hopefully persuade you to do a visit and see for yourself.

Midsummer, the biggest holiday in Scandinavia

Food culture is also an important aspect of our courses. Nordic food is not as bland as you think! In fact, the Nordic Food Manifesto that was popularized by Scandinavian chefs of Michelin star-rated restaurants (where the idea is to source your food locally and use seasonal ingredients) has exploded in recent years. This speaks to the food influences from hunting local wildlife, foraging for mushrooms and berries, and dealing with a harsher growing climate in the Scandinavian region.


Wild strawberry picking is an opportunity to be one with nature

Registration is now open

We would love to meet with you and tell you more. Classes begin the week of September 10, 2018!

Click here or the button below!

Register for a Nordic language in Toronto


$450 for 12 classes, once a week for 12 weeks

SPECIAL PROMO! We are offering early registration discounts:

  • Register before August 25, 2018 and pay $399 per course ($51 savings).
  • Register between August 25 and September 5, 2018 and pay $425 per course ($25 savings)

We hope you will join us on this journey of Nordic discovery of language, culture, and food traditions that will enlighten you this Fall 2018 at NLI!

Med vänliga hälsningar,

Myleen and Susanne

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