Announcing our Fika book winner from the Nordic Fair!


You won our Fika book for answering all the Trivia Questions below correctly  and guessing 120 berries in our jar (the correct answer is 121, very close indeed!) at the Nordic Fair.

And just a reminder, our registration is underway. Please visit our online registration for Swedish lessons this Fall!

For those who are curious, here are the answers:.(Correct answers in BOLD)

1. In which Nordic country is Hornindalsvatnet, the deepest lake in Europe, located?
a. Norway
b. Iceland
c. Denmark
d. Finland

2. In which Nordic country is everyone listed in the phone book by their first name?
a. Sweden
b. Finland
c. Norway
d. Iceland

3. In which Nordic country is your speeding ticket based on your annual salary?
a. Iceland
b. Denmark
c. Finland
d. Sweden

4. In which Nordic country was the pacemaker, ultrasound and fridge invented?
a. Norway
b. Sweden
c. Finland
d. Denmark

5. Which Nordic country has the world’s oldest flag?
a. Denmark
b. Iceland
c. Sweden
d. Finland

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