We aim to teach you how to walk and talk like a Scandinavian right here in Toronto! That means learning Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or Icelandic with its traditions, culture and even food. We are not just a boring language school, either. Our instructors and staff have the  modern lifestyle in mind, incorporating the latest in technology and pop culture such as viewing YouTube videos, funny tweets and HuffPost articles relevant to today’s issues and hot conversation topics… we want you to know what’s going on in a Nordic country today, not back in the 1800s. Oh, but if you want tradition, you’ll be learning that too.

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Student Testimonials

“I learned a lot, can’t wait to start the next course!” – Christina, Swedish Level I

“Overall, an amazing experience. Surpassed my expectations. Learned so much in a measurable way. Great teacher and, best of all, you learn so much about Swedish/Scandinavian culture!”- Dominykas, Swedish Level I

“I looked forward to coming to class every week because it was never boring.” – Student, Swedish Level I

“I’m surprised at how much Swedish I’ve learned in such little time. I believe my rapid learning is a confluence of a love for the language and the country (Sweden) as well as the highly skilled and patient instructor. Thank you!” – Chelsea, Swedish Level I



    1. Actually, we have a couple of Norwegian instructor candidates. Now we just need to get more people interested in Norwegian lessons! We will try to find some 🙂


      1. Oh I am SO interested! Ive been teaching myself for a couple of months and been looking for a place where I can actually speak with people.


  1. Om ni vill ta in dansk på skolen:
    Jag är dansk, jag har en lärarutbildning och jag bor i Toronto.



      1. Hi Paco,
        Yes I am a teacher and I have a specialization in Danish as a second language.


  2. Hej,
    Jag har jobbat som lärare senaste 2 åren i Stockholm , bor i Toronto och undrar om ni behöver mer “instructors” i svenska .


  3. Hej undrar när nästa omgång av svenska lektioner börjar? Min 18 årige son är intresserad, han pratar en del svenska men vill lära sig att skriva och läsa också, vilken klass borde han anmäla sig till?


  4. Hej!

    I signed up for the Fall 2016 Swedish I course a little late, and wondered if it would be possible to get the room number in which the class will be held via email. Tack sa mycket!


  5. Hej Myleen
    Har ni stängt registreringen för svenska nu i Januari. Min son är intresserad. Han pratar hyfsad svenska men kan inte skriva och läsa så bra. Vilken nivå borde han börja i?
    MVH Jeanette


    1. Hej Jeanette,
      Vi håller registreringen öppen till de nuvarande kurserna blir fullbokade. Anledningen till att vi håller den öppen är för att vi behövde veta om vi har tillräckligt många personer registrerade för att hålla kursena. Just nu har vi Svenska nivå I-III och Norska nivå II öppna. Jag ska skriva till emejladressen som finns här och diskutera vilken nivå vi tycker passar. Vi hörs! Hälsningar, Myleen


    1. Hi Sean,
      The Fall courses usually the 2nd week of September and registration should begin sometime in July. Hope you will join us!


    1. Hi Kla. at this time, we can’t confirm whether he will be the Danish I teacher or not. It all depends on his schedule & demand for this class. Thanks and hope you join us!


  6. Very interested in your courses. Do you have a physical location? Can you tell me in what neighbourhood your courses are located? My access to classes depends on location. Thx.


    1. Hi Marla, for our language courses it’s $399 for 12 classes, 1 class per week starting mid-January. Check out our website for more information. Thanks, Myleen


  7. Hi – do you need another Danish instructor? I have been teaching Danish as a second language for 6 years. I am Danish/Canadian and moved back to Canada 2 years ago. I miss teaching. 🙂


  8. Next planned Finnish courses? 2 hr lessons once a week? Any chance of Saturdays – my daughter would have to travel 2 hrs to get there?


  9. Hi, I’m a bit confused about whether your Beginner Norwegian class that was due to start next week is running or has rather been cancelled? It’s not completely clear from the website. If it is still running, I would love to register – alternatively, I’d consider Beginner Swedish a very close second! Thanks!


  10. Greetings!

    I want to learn Norwegian language right from scratch. Is it possible to connect with any class or teacher here?


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